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HIROS-ROM specializes in the manufacture of concrete slabs with dispersed reinforcement and wear layer with quartz, epoxy resins and tiled floors. We worked in Hungary, Bulgaria, Moldavian Republic and Sweden. In Romania, the first floor was executed in 1996 at Metro Otopeni with wear layer on quartz and steel fiber reinforced. HIROS-ROM stood firm over the years by advancing in the quality of industrial slabs, productivity (made daily 2000-3000 sqm slab) flatness, degree of finish and durability proven over the years of usage and our list of reference works.

  • we have two Laser Screeds (S100 and S240 Somero type) machines which are designed to vibrate fresh concrete and leveling it with a high quality and small tolernace flatness of the floor thanks to laser technology upon which it works. Also this type of machine allows the slabs to be done in slope (applicable both to roads and exterior platforms). Such an equipment can level and vibrate 4000 sqm / 10 hours of concrete slabs.
  • finishing equipment with a large capacity are used in industrial slabs on the wear layer with quartz (Sika type, Corodur etc) also on the slabs on which is used epoxy resin, PVC carpet or tiles.
  • we execute industrial slabs reinforced with metal or polypropylene fibers which enhance the floor resistance to the takeover of the tension generated in the concrete. Using fiber reduces the execution costs and the risk of cracks in the slab.
  • the realization of colored slabs we use the technology wet in wet. This industrial slabs with quartz wear layer, synthetic aggregates or steel powder in the material are the most resistant and fast infrastructure solutions for industrial buildings, underground parking lots, logistic halls, etc.
  • to avoid cracking the concrete we cut joints in concrete slabs with concrete cutters, serving to take concrete contractions. The joints represent a weakness of the concrete slabs. They can be removed by using steel embedded joints in the concrete formwork and this technology application is named “jointless concrete slabs”.
  • for making roads and exterior platforms we use the vibrating beam type Tramix or Laser Screed.
  • the design of concrete slabs reinforced with metallic (steel) fibers  Hiros-rom company can provide static calculations based on static and dynamic loads on which the concrete slab is loaded.